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For More Information Please Visit Us at

Starbar Fly Trap N Toss


Starbar 14624 trap n toss will attract flies and keep them away from undesired areas. Set it up in just a few minutes by mixing the attractants with water. The food and sex attractants are irresistible to flies, drawing them away from livestock, food preparation and living areas. Once trapped, the flies are unable to get out and drown in the water at the bottom. The trap holds up to 10,000 flies and is affordable enough to discard and replace whenever it becomes too full. There are no pesticides used in the product, making it a safe, clean way to get rid of thousands of pesky flies.

  • Attracts Flies Like A Magnet
  • Safe for Use Around Children and Pets
  • Contains Multiple Feeding and Sex Attractants That Flies Cannot Resist
  • Holds Up To 10,000 Flies
  • Disposable Trap