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For More Information Please Visit Us at
For More Information Please Visit Us at

Daurio Brothers Alfalfa Cubes 50lb


Cubed feed for larger livestock

​An excellent source of protein and roughage for all classes of horses and large livestock.  
​Alfalfa Cubes are formed by coarsely grinding Premium Colorado Sun Cured Long Stem Alfalfa and forcing it through a large dye. Alfalfa forage is moderately high in protein, calories, and digestible fiber and is low in sugar. 


Recommended for:  

Larger livestock such as maintenance horses, light to moderate work horses, heavy work horses, lactating mares, and growing foals.

Other Product Benefits:
  • Locally grown
  • No Additives
  • No flavorings or preservatives
  • No waste, no stem or leaf loss
  • Less dust
  • Soft cube
  • Easy to use, haul & store
  • Easily measured feeding
Guaranteed Analysis:
  • Crude Protein, not less than...15 %
  • Crude Fat, not less than...2%
  • Crude Fiber, not more than...33%
  • Grain and minerals may be supplemented with Pride of the High Plains cubes

Feeding Instructions:
  • ​Maintenance horses:  Replace on pound of alfalfa with one pound of Pride of the High Plains cubes.
  • Light to moderate work horses: 5 % more daily.
  • Heavy work horses, lactating mares, and growing foals:  10 % more daily.
  • Always provide fresh clean water. 
  • Never feed moldy or insect infested forage to animals.