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For More Information Please Visit Us at

Antiseptic And Anti-fungal Spray For Dogs, Cats And Other Pets (8oz)


Give your Pet the First Aid relief that she deserves with Banixx Pet Care. Use our fast-acting solution to give soothing support for hot spots, ear infections, dry itchy skin, yeast infections, ringworm, rashes, abrasions and wounds on your dogs/puppies, cats/kittens and any other pets. It’s sting-free, non-oily or sticky and made without any steroids, alcohol, antibiotics. So, no mess, no burn, no odor! Safe when used around the eyes or if ingested by licking and suitable for the most sensitive pets. This fragrance-free, colorless, non-toxic formula is cost-effective and Vet recommended. Relief can really be this simple! Spray 2-3 times daily for 6-8 days, or, as needed.


Ear Infections: Banixx serves as a cat or dog ear infection remedy, whether that infection is caused by fungus , yeast, bacteria or ear mites.

Hot Spots: Used as a hot spot spray for dogs, Banixx is a sting-free solution for relieving the pain of the red, moist, painful rash known as a hot spot.

Ringworm: When your pet’s dealing with the scaly, dry itchy skin rashes and/or hair loss associated with the fungal infection ringworm, the anti-fungal power of Banixx gives you a way to treat it.

Wounds: Help your pet’s skin repair after an injury or other wound by spraying odor-free, sting-free Banixx on the area. Voted #1 Best Dog or Cat Wound Spray.

Dry, Itchy skin: Ease this skin problem in your dog with twice-daily applications of our non-toxic, rapid-relief Pet Spray. Included in this category are dog skin yeast infections that are extremely itchy. 

Use Banixx Pet Care as the ideal dog ear rinse or dog ear flush. With no burn/sting, no added fragrance, it’s a breeze to apply. And rest assured, it’s completely safe around the eye.