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For More Information Please Visit Us at
For More Information Please Visit Us at

Purina Wellsolve Weight Control Pellet 50lb

  • Manages Caloric Intake While Satisfying the Horse
  • Helps maintain healthy body conditions
  • Low-Calorie Full Scoop™ Formula
  • High quality optimal nutritional fortification
  • Veterinarian researched
  • 50 lb. bag 

If eliminating obesity were merely a matter of cutting calories, you could simply cut a horse’s rations in half and expect great results. But that’s not the case. On the contrary, as any horse owner can tell you, watching a horse go hungry is heartbreaking. In addition, starving a horse can set off a chain of events that harm more than help, i.e., loss of muscle mass, nutrient deficiencies, etc. But WellSolve W/C® horse feed offers sound strategies for eliminating unnecessary fat and calories from the diet while supporting health—and contentment.