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For More Information Please Visit Us at
For More Information Please Visit Us at

Purina Impact Horse 14% Race Track 50lb


Purina Impact Horse 14% RACE TRACK is a sweet grain mix for race horses, with 14% protein. To be fed with medium to high quality hay or pasture. Added fat supports healthy hair coat.

■ Formulated by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists for Optimal Nutrition

■ High Quality Protein for Muscle Maintenance

■ Added Fat for Sustainable Energy & Healthy Hair Coat

■ Vitamin & Mineral Fortification for Bone Structure and Immune System Support

■ Quality Ingredients that are Highly Digestible and Naturally Palatable

■ Nutritionally Balanced so No Nutritional

Your horse is not a trend or a fad – he’s a trusted companion or partner in competition. He deserves a feed that has been proven through time and research to support his lifestyle and overall health. With over 100 years of expertise and research in equine nutrition and a dedicated team of Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists and Equine Veterinarians, nobody knows more about horse nutrition than Purina. Purina® IMPACT® is formulated to deliver premium nutrition that fits in any budget, with only the highest quality ingredients that have been proven through years of feedings to support horse health and performance.