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Howdy Folks! Welcome To The Russell Feed Online Store!!
Howdy Folks! Welcome To The Russell Feed Online Store!!

Purina Omolene 200 Performance Horse 50lb


Product Details

Purina's Omolene Horse Feeds deliver consistent, superior quality that helps keep your horse looking great. That's because no other feed company spends the time and effort researching feeds like Purina, where new products or improvements to existing feeds are only brought to market when they have repeatedly proven themselves to deliver what you expect.

When you feed Purina's Omolene Horse Feed you will have the peace of mind that comes from the trust in and reputations of the Purina and the Omolene brands, which are backed by industry leading research and over 100 years of equine nutrition.

  • Balanced Fuel Sources - fat and soluble carbohydrates to support both aerobic and anaerobic work
  • Concentrate Feed - designed to be fed with hay or pasture
  • Highly Palatable - with a proprietary molasses blend to appeal to even the pickiest eater
  • Natural Whole Grains - a natural source of antioxidants, phytochemicals and fiber for lower feeding rates and designed to address digestive upset
  • Purina Amplify High-Fat Nugget - a proprietary blend of vegetable oils, flax seed and rice bran for weight gain, performance, shine & bloom
  • Soy-Blend Molasses - helps to prevent bricking in the winter and drying out in the summer
  • Vitamin & Mineral Fortification - provides 100% of the required vitamins and minerals when fed as directed