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Best Dog Parks in North Richland Hills, TX | A Local's Guide

Best Dog Parks in North Richland Hills, TX | A Local's Guide

It’s fun to be a dog in and around Haltom City and North Richland Hills, TX.  There are plenty of fun activities for your dog and you to do whether you’re living in Haltom City, North Richland Hills, Watauga, Euless, and Hurst. 

If you just moved to North Texas and you’re looking for a dog park for your pooch to burn off excess energy, here are Russell Feed’s favorite spots: 

The Best Off-Leash Dog Parks near North Richland Hills, TX

Off-Leash Park


City of Hurst Dog Park 

2003 Precinct Line Rd, Hurst, TX 76054

  • A huge park
  • Shade trees
  • Obstacles
  • Well fenced area  
  • Poo Bags
  • Water for Dogs 
  • Public restroom
  • Segregated play areas depending on the dog size

Highland Park Dog Park 

836 Stafford Station Dr, Saginaw, TX 76131

  • Well fenced area
  • Poo bags
  • Shaded seating
  • Water for dogs
  • Public restroom
  • Segregated play areas depending on the dog size

Willow Creek Paw Park

101 S Knowles Dr, Saginaw, TX 76179

  • Well fenced area
  • Poo bags
  • Shaded seating
  • Water for dogs
  • Public restroom
  • Segregated play areas depending on the dog size
  • Obstacles

Golden Triangle Dog Park

1929 Golden Heights Rd #1300, Fort Worth, TX 76177

  • Note: No shade
  • Benches
  • Water fountain for dogs
  • Poo Bags
  • Note: No public restroom
  • Segregated by dog size
  • Note: right below a power line.

The City of Hurst Dog Park is our preferred pick. 

On-Leash Parks

Haltom Road Park 

3113 Haltom Rd, Haltom City, TX 76117

  • Creek for hot days
  • Lots of Open Space

Little Fossil Park 

4412 Hadley St, Haltom City, TX 76117

  • Nice creek / water area
  • Lots of open space for walking 
  • Ducks are usually hanging around the water

Bonnie Brae Park

3213 Wesley St, Fort Worth, TX 76111

  • Smaller than most parks but room to take the dog on a walk

Linda Spurlock Park 

6400 Glenview Dr, North Richland Hills, TX 76180

  • Walking and Jogging trail
  • Pond with ducks 
  • Lots of open space 
  • Clean bathrooms

Buffalo Ridge Park

5720 Parkwood Trail, Haltom City, TX 76137

  • Paved walking trail
  • Creek for hot days
  • Nice restrooms
  • Picnic area 
  • Lots of space for walking

Whites Branch Park 

5290 Western Center Blvd, Haltom City, TX 76137

  • Paved walking trails
  • Lots of shade
  • Splash pad 

Capp Smith Park

5800 Robin Dr, Watauga, TX 76148

  • Lots of open space
  • Splash Pad
  • Paved walking trails

To be on the safe side when you take your dog to the park, you need to:

Scoop the Poop

Dog waste left in the parks is no bueno. It can also carry parasites which could hurt other dogs. 

Clean up after your dog and properly dispose of their waste to avoid any issues. 

Aggressive Dogs at the Park

If your pet has behavioral and aggression issues around other dogs or other people, seek assistance from a professional dog trainer before exploring the off-leash dog park. The last thing an owner wants is to be on the hook for an unwarranted bite coming from your pet. 

Get Rabies-Vaccinated

Dogs can transmit rabies through biting. A bite from a dog with rabies can be incredibly dangerous. Having your dog vaccinated for rabies prevents the transmission of the deadly virus to dogs and humans. 

State law requires that all dogs be vaccinated against rabies by four months of age.

Leave Dogs in Heat at Home

Male dogs can smell pheromones produced by a female dog in heat from miles away. Male dogs -- especially in groups -- can fight over female dogs that are in heat leading to nasty conflicts at the dog park. 

In addition, you do not want your canine to get pregnant from a stranger dog at the dog park. Love is love but we always like to prioritize family planning if at all possible. 

It's best to neuter and spay your pets to reduce the risks of pregnancy and other health complications

Stay Safe

Leave the Puppies at Home

Your puppy’s immune system is not yet fully developed, and they could collect infectious diseases from the dog park, like the ‘puppy killer,’ parvovirus

Vets recommend taking puppies to the park only after they’ve had their first round of shots, usually around 16 weeks.

Be Careful with Kids 

Dog parks are for dogs to run, play, burn off excess energy, and just be dogs. An overly energetic and out of control dog may knock down and injure your child or other children at the park. 

While your kid may be good with pets at home, new dogs may misinterpret your kid’s enthusiasm and react with aggression. It’s important to keep your kids close and be very careful around new dogs. 

Keep Your Leash in Hand

Keep your dog on a leash until you enter the off-leash area.

Don’t Bring Food to the Park

Most dog parks prohibit food inside the off-leash area. Even if the rules aren’t explicit, it’s wise to keep food away from the dogs. 

Dogs may become excited at the smell of human food and gang up on each other to fight over the helpings. Bringing food to a dog park can lead to conflict, fighting, and biting, and it’s best, if possible, to avoid.

Ask for Permission Before Interacting

No matter how friendly a dog seems to be, always get the okay from the pet owner before petting the animal. A dog owner will warn you if their dog is aggressive or does not like to be touched by strangers. 

Also, if you’d like your pet to play and be friends with another dog at the park, make sure it’s ok with the owner. Some dog owners are not comfortable with bigger dogs playing with their dogs and vice-versa. It’s always a good idea to ask first. 

Your North Richland Hills Dog Park Checklist 

You and Buddy are now ready to have a ball at North Richland Hills' parks and dirt trails.

What should you pack?

We have everything ready for you at Russell Feed and Supply to make your dog’s park experience smooth.

Here’s your checklist:

  • Leash
  • Collar with ID Tag
  • Poo Bags
  • Towels

Finally, bring your best attitude, ready to experience the fun of North Richland Hills' on and off-leash areas.


Willow Creek Dog Park, Saginaw, TX:

Willow Creek Dog Park Saginaw, TX

Highland Park Dog Park, Saginaw, TX:

Highland Park Dog Park, Saginaw, TX


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