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Howdy Folks! Welcome To The Russell Feed Online Store!!
Howdy Folks! Welcome To The Russell Feed Online Store!!
Chicken Treats

Chicken Treats

Purina Farm to Flock Chicken Treats is a natural, healthy and wholesome treat for your chickens. They contain the essential nutrients your birds need, without disrupting a balanced diet.

Other treats like scraps, scratch grains, and mealworms are like candy for birds. Feeding too many of these treats leaves less room for nutritious complete feed. Purina® Farm to Flock Chicken Treats include the 38 nutrients your hens need each day and are the perfect complement to their complete chicken feed.

Purina® Farm to Flock™ Treats stand apart with:

  • Natural and healthy ingredients which provide essential vitamins, minerals, and grains to complement a complete layer feed.
  • A delicious taste, including a wholesome combination of scrumptious ingredients.
  • A bite-sized shape, which makes it easy for birds to eat and fun for flock raisers to feed.
  • Two protein options, Wholesome hen treats (13 percent protein) and High Protein (20 percent protein), allow flock raisers to give their hens a nutritional boost when they need it.

Farm to Flock High Protein Treats are perfect for times like molt when hens need protein to help regrow feathers.

No matter which treats variety you choose, at least 90 percent of your hen’s diet should come from a complete layer feed. Laying hens need 4 grams of calcium each day to produce eggs with strong shells. The right balance of complete feed to treats helps hens lay strong and stay strong.

This first-of-its-kind healthy hen treat is available at Russell Feed and Supply.

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