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Howdy Folks! Welcome To Our Online Store!! Click Here For More Information About Our 11 Locations.
Howdy Folks! Welcome To Our Online Store!! Click Here For More Information About Our 11 Locations.
Buy Bird Seed Near Me in Fort Worth, TX

Buy Bird Seed Near Me in Fort Worth, TX

At Russell Feed and Supply, we provide a wide variety of bird seeds to meet your birding and backyard needs. We have ten locations around the greater Fort Worth area and can help you select the right bird seed for your backyard bird haven. 

Our vendors provide unique seed blends packed with enrichment, taste, and nutrition to keep your backyard visitors happy, healthy, and hankering to come back for more. We source only the top bird seeds and have unique partnerships with both national and local vendors who have decades of experience in the bird seed business. 

If you’re looking to make a quick purchase, here is our list of locations around Fort Worth or feel free to see what we have available online here.

Wild Delight Fort WorthBird Seed Fort Worth

If you’d like to do a deeper dive with us on your birding needs, keep reading some of our special posts:

When should I feed birds?

It is best to provide food sources all year long. February through August, birds are nesting and need extra food for breeding and rearing baby birds. September through March is a difficult time for birds, as many natural sources of food disappear in the winter months.

How much do birds eat?

Birds have a high metabolic rate and an average body temperature of 100 degrees (F). They need to eat constantly to store up energy for the winter months and to burn off excess heat during the summer months. Birds will eat their own body weight daily.

How long does it take birds to find a new feeder?

Generally, it can take anywhere from one hour to four weeks. Most people get birds on a new feeder after only a few days, especially if there are already bird feeders in the neighborhood. In a new development with no trees or cover, it could take longer.

How do I keep squirrels off my feeder?

Make sure that the feeder is at least six feet above the ground and ten feet away from any launching point like a deck rail, tree or wire. Mount a canister, also known as a baffle, on the pole beneath the feeder. There are also hanging baffles that you can place over the feeder if it’s hanging in a tree. Also, try feeding Wild Delight® Sizzle N’ Heat® to birds. It is made with chili peppers, which birds don’t mind but squirrels find too spicy. Lastly, offering squirrels some of their own food never hurts. Try Wild Delight® Crunch N’ Nut® Squirrel Food, Corn on the Cob or one of our peanut mixes.

Should I provide birds with water? 

Clean, fresh water should be made available at all times. During the summer, drinking and bathing are important for birds. In the winter months, in many areas, natural water sources freeze. Use a bird bath heater during the winter.

What’s the best backyard environment for birds?

Birds prefer to live and eat in areas where cover in trees and shrubs is readily available.If possible, provide a backyard environment with lots of lush vegetation to improve your chances of attracting birds. 

What are the best bird watching spots in Fort Worth? 

  • Village Creek Drying Beds.
  • Benbrook Lake.
  • Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge.
  • Colleyville Nature Center.
  • Lake Grapevine.

Source: Wild Delight FAQ

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